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The Kingswood Chapel Graveyard

The Kingswood Chapel Graveyard

Kingswood Chapel Trust - Kingswood Chapel Graveyard

Notes of Guidance

Our contractors and volunteers work very hard to keep the graveyard looking its best, and your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.


The graveyard maintenance personnel will level the grave following a burial, once the soil has settled.

Kerbs erected around graves must be within the dimensions of 7ft by 3ft 3in or 2.13m by 1m.

Headstones and kerbs need to be in keeping with the character of the graveyard, and designs should be submitted to the Sexton. The Sexton, in consultation with the Minister and the Trustees, has the discretion to ask for amended designs if proposals do not comply with this. Where the relatives of the deceased place any permanent kerbs or other memorials on the grave themselves, approval must be sought from the Sexton in advance.

For ease of maintenance it is requested that graves are covered with turf, or that the surface is covered with a suitable material and maintained free of weeds. This applies particularly if the grave is planted. Planting is only permitted within the kerb.

Pot plants and flowers which have faded are removed at regular intervals to keep the graveyard tidy. No responsibility can be taken for other items left on graves, and it does happen that items are damaged or lost. Items impeding the mowing and maintenance of the graveyard may have to be removed.

Half plots

As above, but with maximum dimensions of 3ft by 3ft 3in although kerbs are not normally suitable for half plots. Vases must be integral to the headstone or sunk to below mower height immediately adjacent to it.

Garden of Remembrance

Only a flat plaque with the dimensions of 15in by 12in or (380mm by 305mm) is allowed in this area. The plaque should be level with surrounding ground. Some spiked vases are provided, but most other items are inappropriate in this area. No planting is allowed in this area, unless provision is made within the plaque itself, i.e. a hole can be cut in the plaque.


The current Sexton and Secretary/Treasurer of the Kingswood Chapel Trust is:-
Nina Caddick