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The Kingswood Chapel Graveyard

The Kingswood Chapel Graveyard

Kingswood Meeting House - Burial Register Pre 1850

This register is presented in order of date of burial. On the same line as the date is (where known) the reference to the relevant grave on the graveyard plan.

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Please note that all names (forenames and surnames) are in CAPITALS

22 Jun 1822
Mr THOMAS TERRY was buried June 22nd 1822. Aged 58 years

5 May 1827
Mrs ANN MILLER was buried May 5th 1827. Aged 51 years.

15 May 1827
ISAAC GREVES, son of Mr Richard Greves, was buried May 15th 1827. Aged 9 months.

7 Sep 1827       EW1
Mr BENJAMIN CHELLINGWORTH was buried September 7th 1827. Aged 60 years.

11 Feb 1828
WILLIAM JONES was buried February 11th 1828. Aged 80.

24 Feb 1828
THOMAS LLOYD was buried February 24th 1828. Aged 15 years.

26 Feb 1828
MARY VALE was buried Feby 26 1828. Aged 42 years.

16 Mar 1828
ANN MILLER was buried March 16th 1828. Aged 15 years.

29 Mar 1829
HEZEKIAH LEA was buried March 29th 1829. Aged 23 years.

29 Mar 1829
MARY GREVES was buried March 29th 1829. Aged 85 years. Text on the occasion "The last enemy shall be destroyed even death".

2 Jul 1839
Mr THOMAS CHELLINGWORTH was buried July 2nd 1839 by the Rev. Hugh Hutton, M.A. Funeral sermon was preached by the Rev M H? . Text "I have finished my sorrow".

10 Jul 1839
Rev REES LLOYD died July 7th 1839. Aged 62 and was buried July 10th 1839 by the Rev Hugh Hutton. The funeral sermon was preached by Rev. John Kentish from Rom 14.7 "No man dieth to himself".

8 Sep 1839
WILLIAM GREVES died September 1st 1839. Aged 20 years and was buried Sept 8th 1839 by the Rev Eric Bristow.