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The Kingswood Chapel Graveyard
The Kingswood Chapel Graveyard


This website contains the digitised records of the graveyard at the Kingswood Meeting House in Packhorse Lane, Hollywood, Near Birmingham. The postcode of the chapel is B47 5DQ.

Mark Aldridge
Keeper of Graveyard Records

Contacts and

Nina Caddick
Tel No. 0121 430 8421

Graveyard Records
Mark Aldridge
Tel No. 0121 624 8874

The Minister
Rev Anthony Howe
Contact via Kingswood Meeting House Web Site

Lay Assistant
Diane Rutter
Contact via Kingswood Meeting House Web Site

Kingswood Meeting House
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Brief history of Kingswood Meeting House

A selection of pictures of Kingswood Chapel Graveyard

Burial index by date
This is an index to burials at Kingswood Meeting House since 1795,
It is presented in order of date of burial and can be searched using a simple text search facility.
Burial Index Pre 1851 This index is incomplete. For many burials records are not available. Some items in this index have been taken from memorials in the graveyard.
Burial Index 1851 to 1899
Burial Index 1900 to 1935
Burial Index 1936 to 1959
Burial Index 1960 to Date

Alpha Burial Index

Burial Register
The register of burials at Kingswood Meeting House is held in four leather bound books covering the periods:-
1822 to 1839 (incomplete)
1850 to 1935
1936 to 2011
2012 to date
These registers have been photographed and copies of entries can be obtained from the Sexton. The entries have been transcribed and are presented in date of burial order:-
Burial Register 1822 to 1839 There do not appear to be any other burial records prior to 1851.
Burial Register 1851 to 1899
Burial Register 1900 to 1935
Burial Register 1936 to Date

Monumental Inscriptions
This is a complete digital record of the inscriptions on all the memorials (Gravestones and Tablets) in the chapel and the graveyard
Introduction to the Memorials

Grave Yard Fees
Schedule of Graveyard Fees

Grave Yard Notes of Guidance
Notes of Guidance for Graves and Grave Memorials

Directions to Kingswood Meeting House
Directions and Map

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